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Our lawyers secure you two more VICTORIES in the Supreme Court

Supreme Court agrees with brief: Asset forfeiture case should be heard. #tlot ReTweet
Two major Supreme Court victories were recently achieved with YOUR help. Our lawyers, led by William J. Olson, filed amicus briefs in two important cases.
In Los Angeles vs. Patel, we argued that hotel registries are the private property of hotel owners. They can’t be searched at the sole discretion of a police officer. This brief extended the argument we successfully made in the Jones case, which re-established property rights as the basis for our 4th Amendment protections.
Result: VICTORY! In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that police need warrants in order to search hotel registries.
Our second brief asked the Supreme Court to review lower court decisions in Luis vs. United States.
Result: Victory! The Supreme Court will hear the case!
Vital things are at stake in the Luis case…

  • Prosecutors charge people with crimes.
  • Then The State seizes or freezes all or most of their assets.
  • This denies defendants the resources they need to defend themselves.
  • And that forces innocent people into plea-bargain deals that ruin their lives.

Contributions from supporters, like you, made these briefs possible. And these efforts resulted in two more victories.
You can make a difference!
We hope you will continue to support this work.
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Zero Aggression Project

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