The Zero Aggression Principle and the Build Back Better bill

Does The ZAP have anything unique to offer when it comes to the Build Back Better bill? We think it does. by Perry Willis Do Americans really want the Build Back Better bill? This Democrat bill is seemingly popular in the polls. A majority seems to favor it, and some provisions are approved by as much as 75% of the …


The Zero Aggression Principle and Immigration

By Perry Willis Imagine two neighbors living side by side on the Mexican border, with two different views about immigration. What should happen?    The Zero Aggression Principle: Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically. How does this principle apply to borders and immigration? Let’s find out… Imagine that you own property on the Mexican border. One day your next-door …

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How you can see through pro-war claims

How were we right after 9/11, when most of the supposed experts got it wrong? We want to share a few mental tools you can use to protect yourself when politicians make claims about the need for war. These tools will empower you to always see right through the political and regime media claims. We do this today because… The …


Do statists contradict themselves?

Statism is rich in self-contradictions. Self-contradictions are self-refutations. Learn statist self-contradictions. Share them with others.