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How you can see through pro-war claims

How were we right after 9/11, when most of the supposed experts got it wrong? We want to share a few mental tools you can use to protect yourself when politicians make claims about the need for war. These tools will empower you to always see right through the political and regime media claims. We do this today because… The …

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Ending failed wars with the Zero Aggression Principle

Taxation violates the Zero Aggression Principle. This means that every form of governance must be voluntarily funded, including national defense. But people wonder – perhaps even you – how much defense spending is required, and can voluntary funding really meet the need? The best answer is actually simple. The amount of defense spending should be defined by what citizens want …



How does the Zero Aggression Principle apply to COVID?


I Want Lew Rockwell to Be Libertarian on Immigration

Public property is NOT merely an extension of private property, which can, in turn, be used to restrict alien movement. Such a view violates the “NAP.” (Originally published 1/19/16 by Students for Liberty)