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June 1, 2015
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NOTE: Jim Babka will be interviewed on talk radio today (Monday). Details in the P.S.
There are many innovative tools you can use at our new website. Let’s start with the most important one…
Polling campaigns
This software has been tested. We don’t expect you to have any problems. But this is our maiden voyage — the first time the site will be used by lots of people at the same time. So we hope you’ll be patient if you hit any bumps.
If that does happen please send us email at
You can also use that address to send us criticisms and compliments. Both are welcome.
We have campaigns coming on dozens of issues. You’ll see the next one in a couple of days. We’ll start today with…
Drug Prohibition
By taking the actions described below you’ll get to…

  • Be an early signer on our petitions about this issue
  • See what arguments we make, and how you can use them for public education
  • Test-drive our new sharing tool
  • Find out not only how your friends feel about this issue, but also how strongly they feel about it.

Plus, you’ll get to introduce many new people to the Zero Aggression Principle. Remember, this principle is the foundation of libertarian thought. It says…

Don’t threaten or initiate force, or ask politicians to do it for you.

Will this principle influence people to move in your direction? You’ll be able to measure the results!
Do this…

If you answer that you strongly or mostly oppose drug prohibition you’ll be asked to sign a petition to that effect. Go ahead and do that!
If you answer in any other way you’ll be introduced to additional arguments about the issue. You can review those arguments, and the responses people give to them, in the right-hand column. Check out those scores!
After you sign the petition, you’ll see a page with various options. Make sure you do this one before you leave…
Click on the link that takes you to our outreach tool.

  • Import your email contacts
  • Choose people you’d like to send the polling question to
  • Preview your message and hit Send
  • Check back later on the Your Results tab to see if any of your friend have responded

That’s it for today. More is coming soon…
Remember, you can send us feedback at
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project
P.S. Zero Aggression Project co-creator, Jim Babka, will be on The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show to discuss the launch of the Zero Aggression Project.

  • The interview will air at 5:05 PM Eastern (2:05 PM Pacific).
  • The show is carried on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to the GCN listening page, and select Dr. Albrecht’s program DURING showtime. There, you will also find a listening-by-phone number.
  • The call-in number to join the conversation is 855-660-4261.


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