Why are there so many statists?

December 23, 2015
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Statism is the dominant idea of our culture. Statism was taught to us by our parents, our schools, and the media.  By comparison, the anti-statist view is a new thing in the world. So…
No wonder there are so many statists.
The voluntaryist idea that we could have better institutions of governance without The State, has yet to be heard by most people. So how do we change that? Here’s what we think…
The job must be done in bite size chunks. We must not expect people to drink from a firehose.

  • Maybe in the past you tried to loan people books, but the books went unread and un-returned – a double whammy.
  • Perhaps more recently you’ve sent them essays and policy studies, but there’s a lot of competition for reading time on the Internet these days.

Absorption may require smaller units — a few paragraphs, or maybe just a sentence or two. If we relentlessly share smaller units, a mosaic picture may begin to form. The minds of the people you share information with could come to contain the same network of ideas that your mind does.
One of the most important things we can do in this regard is to share ideas about how to evaluate The State. Can you name the four costs of state action that statists routinely ignore? We have a 238 word Mental Lever that does this job…
How should The State be evaluated?
Statists fail to evaluate The State correctly. They consistently neglect to count all the costs of initiated force, including…


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