How much did you move the world in your direction?

June 4, 2015
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MEDIA ALERT: Zero Aggression Project co-creator, Jim Babka, did two interviews this week. For listening details, see the P.S.

Our goals…

  1. Share the Zero Aggression Principle with every American
  2. Locate and activate the 1-in-5 Americans who already self-identify as libertarians
  3. Move non-libertarians in a voluntaryist direction and measure that movement

We began working toward these goals on Monday.

It was mostly a smooth maiden outing. But we did encounter at least two significant problems we’re now working to improve.
Many thanks to those who participated. There are already notable results…

  • The site was shared 404 times on Facebook
  • 94 people signed a petition citing the Zero Aggression Principle as one of their reasons for opposing drug prohibition
  • So far only 1 person has signed the petition favoring drug prohibition, though we expect that to change as our efforts expand
  • 22 respondents have moved an average of 2.95 points toward opposing drug prohibition
  • 10 have moved an average of 4 points in favor of drug prohibition

This is a historic event that we hope you appreciate…

This is the FIRST TIME libertarians have been able to MEASURE people MOVING in their direction.
Because of those who took action on Monday, America is now slightly more libertarian than it was before. You can continue this progress by continuing to use these new tools.
Educational campaigns about more issues are on their way, but we’re still promoting the drug prohibition survey today. If you haven’t participated yet, please do so.
Is drug prohibition an exception to the Zero Aggression Principle?

  • Should agents of the State (ie, the police, FBI, DEA, etc.) be permitted to initiate force to control what substances people ingest?
  • If you click on one of the hyperlink answers at the bottom of this message you’ll be taken to the ZAP site to see how other people are answering this question.

Do you support or oppose drug prohibition?

 Please participate. Move the world in YOUR direction.

Also, share this message with your libertarian friends.
PREVIEW: Our next message will show you some new ways to use these tools to cause increased social change.
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project
P.S. Please listen to Jim Babka’s live appearances, describing the Zero Aggression Project and the Principle, on two radio shows…


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