Which U.S. war is the most important to understand?

Is one U.S. war more important to understand than any other?

So many wars, so little time to understand them all. But we’ve made things a lot easier by refining the most important information into a series of articles that cover most U.S. wars.

On top of that, we’ve curated all of those articles into a single website: WarTruth.org. But…

Is there one article that’s more important than all the rest?

Let’s ponder that for a moment…

Most people don’t know that ALL early U.S. wars were wars of conquest. That might be a valuable thing to understand. Or…

It could also be useful to share your knowledge of how Teddy Roosevelt betrayed Korea, co-founded the Empire of Japan, and set the stage for both Pearl Harbor and the creation of North Korea. How many of your friends know any of that? But to me…

One U.S. war stands out from the rest

Every American should come to know that U.S. intervention in World War 1 was probably the most disastrous mistake in human history. I explain why in “Did U.S. politicians support the more evil side in WW 1?” U.S. involvement…

Absent U.S. intervention in World War 1, there might be little to discuss about U.S. wars. But because of that intervention somewhere north of 100 million people died. If you agree with me that this is history worth knowing and sharing, please read or re-read my article about World War 1.

The World War 1 Mistake

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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  1. The worst war that was declared erroneously by Nixon and Reagan started in the late 1800s. Then again in 1914 and in 1930…the War on Drugs. It has caused too much tragedy and pain that it makes one want drugs. Humans have always wanted something to make them feel better. But government has made it into a game of psychological warfare.
    We are not free, but rather we are ruled at gunpoint. Crime ridden neighborhoods would be cleaned up if citizens were allowed to take action no questions asked. Government starts wars and blood is shed and the horrors revisit the soldiers for a lifetime. But drugs are bad mmmmkay Yes Mr Mackey.

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