The 4 stages of subconscious mind change

Do we change our minds through a process of invisible, internal argument? Retweet

Zero Aggression Project co-creator, Perry Willis, rejoins us with the following observations…

Most mental change happens subconsciously. There are four stages…

Step One: New ideas are shared with us and enter our minds.

Step Two: Usually, these ideas are instantly rejected in favor of our current opinions. But the new ideas are now available to interact with our subconscious.

Step Three: The new ideas compete with our old ideas, invisibly, in the unconscious. This can cause doubt to creep in overtime. Doubt proceeds change.

Step Four: Sometimes the new ideas prevail in the subconscious contest. Eventually, the conscious mind becomes aware of the change. We call this conversion, but the process seems invisible – except for the first part, where the disruptive idea was planted.

Our Mental Levers are designed to work on the mind subconsciously.

But first you must share them – plant ideas in the minds of others. Can you think of opportunities to share these Levers…

Our Mental Levers are mini-articles that present key libertarian ideas in bite-size chunks. Absorb them. Use them. Share them with others.

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

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