rows of military tombstones

Will Memorial Day be useful this year?

Why you should prepare to do something different this Memorial Day

rows of military tombstones

Memorial Day is coming at the end of this month. It will be a time of sad remembrance. But also, alas, a day for mindlessly parroting false pieties that will endanger future generations. We will once again hear people say…

  • Soldiers died for our freedom
  • They died to make America safe
  • They died to make the world a better place.
  • If not for their noble sacrifice we would all be speaking German, or working on a collective farm in the Soviet States of America, or praying in a Mosque

But what if none of that is true?

What if the exact opposite is true? What if U.S. wars…

  • Made us less free and less safe?
  • Made the world worse off?
  • Made threats like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union possible?

If those things are true, then saying the opposite could trick future generations into repeating past mistakes. This is where you come in…

This is your chance to do something truly useful on Memorial Day

You can be the one person in your social group who actually knows the deep historical reality of past U.S. wars. You can be the one to ask penetrating questions, share shocking facts, and softly caution people that it may be dangerous to simply mimic tired old slogans. But…

NOT on Memorial Day itself!

Let that be strictly for remembrance of the war dead. Rather, use the weeks prior to Memorial Day to innoculate people against trite and false slogans. We can help you do that.

We’ll be sharing a series of powerful articles over the course of this month. Those articles will give you the tools you need to share the truth during the run-up to Memorial Day. But there’s also a danger to confront…

Some people will accuse you of blaming America!

I’ve written a response to that charge. You should probably read this piece, first, so that you’re prepared to defuse this common charge!

Blame the Right People

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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