Do statists have a p-p problem?

December 20, 2016
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Every election we hear how dramatic the differences are between the candidates of the Left and Right. But is it really true? Consider…

Maybe the differences between the Left and the Right aren’t so great after all. Maybe many of the differences reduce to matters of personal taste. We address this issue in our latest Mental Lever mini-article. Check it out…
Do statists have a p-p problem?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Left-statists use the word profit as if it were a curse word. Right-statists do the same thing with the word pleasure. And both sides use The State to impose these prejudices on others…

  • Left-statists devise dictates designed to punish or prohibit wealth-creation
  • Right-statists create dictates intended to tax or prohibit various pleasures

Of course, no left-statist is opposed to his or her own profits. Likewise, no right-statist objects to his or her own pleasures.

  • Most left-statists routinely argue for more taxes on wealthy people but rarely argue for more taxes on their own income bracket.
  • Most right-statists routinely seek to slap prohibitions on the preferred pleasures of others, while being left alone to enjoy their favorite pleasures, be it a cocktail, cigar, soda, high-calorie meal, or sex act.
  • But both sides are equally eager to initiate state violence against other people’s profits and pleasures.

In other words…
The left-statists and right-statists are united in a shared self-contradiction.
They do not treat other people’s profits and pleasures in the same way they treat their own. Thus, there are not two separate problems here. There is no profit problem for the left and pleasure problem for the right. There is instead one shared P-P Problem.
The P-P Problem is anti-life.
It leads to aggression against those things people most benefit from — profits and pleasures. The solution to the P-P Problem is the Zero Aggression Principle
Don’t initiate force personally or politically.
In others words, don’t use politics and The State to impose your prejudices about profits and pleasures on other people. Use persuasion instead, if you’re really determined to have others prefer what you prefer.
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ZAP The State and have a nice day,
Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project


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