Why anarcho-capitalist is a lousy name for any kind of libertarian

January 23, 2018
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Statists advocate change using aggression. Libertarians advocate change using peaceful persuasion and voluntary cooperation. Our focus on persuasion makes words especially important to libertarians. Words are the tools of persuasion. Our persuasive efforts fail when we use the wrong words. This is especially true of the labels we use to describe ourselves.

We’ve devoted a great deal of attention to political labels in our collection of Mental Levers. Mental Levers are mini-articles that present libertarian ideas in bite-size chunks. Our Levers about labels include…

Here’s our latest Mental Lever…

Does the label anarcho-capitalist accurately describe any libertarian?

It takes a look at the label anarcho-capitalist and finds it wanting, even on its own terms. We are certain it will provoke debate, so feel free to leave appropriate comments on our website or on the ZAP Facebook page. Please share it with other libertarians.

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Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project


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