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  1. For the amicus brief in the Luis case before the Supreme Court.
    Thank you for arguing against the abuses of asset seizure.

  2. For the Jones case – continue to restore our 4th Amendment rights as the legal superior to errant “precedent”.

  3. This donation is for the amicus brief in the Manuel v City of Joliet case. Police can be arbitrary and malicious, especially when they’re personally acquainted with their target victims. I would very much like to see Mr. Manuel receive justice for his persecution.

  4. I am a registered Green Party voter and have been since 1998. I don’t like to necessarily associate with ANY particularly self-identified political “party”, and therefore, this is why I am donating to this organization, which I prefer to view as non-party associated, although, I assume that it is associated with the Libertarian Party. I don’t care about that as much as my interest as an American citizen (born and bred) who can’t stand party lines and bipartisanship and am more interested in just having an honest government.

    Agenda Setters appears to really be trying to do something REAL. I was called a “Libertarian” once by a lady at a farmer’s market who said that she and her husband are Libertarians. As I said, I don’t care about the label so much as what a group of human beings can do together to get politicians to just do their damned jobs, the same jobs that We the People are (allegedly) PAYING them to do.

    1. Thank you for your support. We are indeed non-partisan and perhaps even anti-partisan temperamentally.

  5. I am a monthly supporter, and I appreciate all the good work you do. Here is a little bit more to help us Supreme Court case.

  6. Thank you for sharing valuable information and insights. I hope it’s not too late to help support the Missouri Brief.

  7. Thank you for continuing to fight for our Constitution and our United States Republic.

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