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The Zero Aggression Project focuses on the Zero Aggression PRINCIPLE (the ZAP)…

Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.

That’s the key libertarian idea. We solve social problems using peaceful persuasion and voluntary cooperation instead of State aggression. It comes down to this question…

Do you permit other people to live their lives and spend their money according to their own conscience, or do you prefer to collaborate with politicians to make people do things your way?

If you’re a person who refuses to tread on others, please join us!

Our mission: Create a libertarian society based on the Zero Aggression Principle.

We have a 3-part strategy to achieve that goal…

1. Share the Zero Aggression Principle with every person on Earth.
2. Find and activate dormant libertarians so we can expand our libertarian outreach.
3. Move everyone in a voluntaryist direction. Our preferred destination is called “post-statism.”

Our goal to find and activate dormant libertarians is especially important. Numerous studies demonstrate that 30-60 million adult Americans currently self-describe as libertarian or hold mostly libertarian views. We could create a libertarian America by activating just 10 million of those people. If you’re a libertarian who likes our mission and wants to learn more, please join us…

If you’re here to explore our unique, forward-looking “post-statist” ideas, we have many tools to help you…

You can get a quick overview of libertarian thinking in A new worldview in ten questions and answers.

What would it be like to live in a libertarian society?
Take a tour.
Do you prefer to access information through video?
Get an overview of the basic libertarian idea by watching The Conversation.

Our Mental Levers are mini-articles that present key libertarian ideas in bite-size chunks.

We especially recommend…

Want a more in-depth presentation?

This article meets the need in five parts…

Where do you stand on the political spectrum relative to libertarians? How much power would you give politicians to control others?
Do your political values conflict with your personal values?
Check-out the Values Grid.

Our Aggression Tracker will allow you to measure your A.Q. (Aggression Quotient) on a variety of issues.

Do you favor using aggression or persuasion to solve social problems? How do your answers compare to others?
This software is still under development but you can test drive the prototype right now.

Our blog also contains a wealth of information. Learn about new additions and get regular progress reports by subscribing to our free email newsletter…