Where do you go for libertarian answers?

August 5, 2015
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Still lending books to answer libertarian questions? Try this… #tlot Retweet
MEDIA ALERT: On Thursday, Jim Babka guest-hosts a radio talk-show. See details in the P.S.…
When you’re asked what libertarians believe, do you…

  • Try to concoct answers on the fly?
  • Give them a book or an article?

Both approaches could work. But we have an alternative.
Last week, we introduced our Mental Levers — mini-articles that answer common questions about what libertarians believe. These articles have the following advantages…

  • They’re very short and easy to read
  • You can link to them in internet discussions
  • They’re divided into collections to help you find what you need

We call our first collection Zero Aggression Basics. It answers the following questions for you…

We hope you’ll take the time to review these resources. They’re so short. It won’t take long to go through them. Then…

  • Share them with others.
  • Link to them in internet discussions.

If you like what we’re doing, please make a contribution to promote our work.
ZAP The State and have a nice day,
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project
P.S. On Thursday (August 6), LIVE on talk radio, Jim Babka will guest-HOST Gary Nolan’s top-rated, radio show. It airs from 9 AM to Noon Central time.
The show broadcasts in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. You can listen live at http://theeagle939.com/ — click on Listen Live, top right side of the page.
Jim also hosted earlier this week. On Tuesday, he addressed support for the military, when libertarians support intervention, and sex with robots. You can hear Tuesday’s episode for yourself.


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