The Big Opportunity we’re about to LOSE

August 6, 2018
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Last week, we told you about the fantastic start we got on the Political Conscience Test. Here’s an update…

Since the July 11 launch, 20,959 people have taken the Test.

The Political Conscience Test is also proving to be an outreach and recruitment machine!

841 PCT takers have subscribed to this Zero Aggression Project newsletter (welcome new subscribers!).

  • Most are libertarians. They’ll work alongside you to expand our libertarian outreach.
  • But a large portion are not a part of “our choir.” Hopefully, they’ll read our newsletters and use our website to explore post-statist insights. For example, last week we introduced a new Mental Lever. There are now 90 of these mini-articles!

Most of this recruitment success has been achieved with a slender advertising budget — about $34/day.


We run out of advertising budget on Monday (Aug 13). When we wake-up next Tuesday, there will be no ad running.

Please understand, ZAP donors aren’t even paying for the ads running now. Perry Willis and I are. We gave up enough salary to cover the last 14 days worth of advertising (up through Monday). Why?

Because we believe in this project.

We actually want to triple the advertising budget so that we can be guaranteed to cause 30,000 test-taking events per month! And we will accomplish that. But right now…

We simply want to keep this advertising going. That’s priority one.

  • If you have NOT YET taken the Political Conscience Test, please do so now!
  • Then Share it. We’re investing 11c to get each new test-taker. So if everyone on this list got just one new person to take the test, that would be the rough equivalent of a $1,000 contribution.

But what we really need right now is $34 or more per day, so we can keep our current advertising going. Can you give $34?

The remaining 18 days of August will cost $612. If we can cover all of that, right away, we’ll start increasing the daily budget and positive reports of more recruitment will follow. Can you make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation of $612?

Then comes the issue of keeping this process going and growing in September. Here are some ways to help…

  1. Start a monthly pledge to sponsor a day in September. If we had 30 new pledgers giving $34 each or 30 increasing their pledges by that much, we’d cover it!
  2. If you cannot pledge $34, perhaps you can cover a 1/2 day of outreach at $17 or eight hours at $11.35.
  3. You could ensure September gets covered with a one-time $1,020 tax-deductible contribution.

There are several ways to contribute: Visit our secure contribution page to find the method that’s best for you.

Thank you, in advance.

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project
Authors of the Political Conscience Test


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