Brain-twisting may be the first step on the path to enlightenment

Clear language is the foundation of clear thinking. Do you dare to be clear? Retweet

We want to re-furnish the American mind. Most kinds of furniture have a name. Ours is Voluntaryist Clarity. Would you furnish your mind with these items?

  1. Nearly everyone is confused about what government is. Change that, and you can change a lot of things.
  2. Can anything possibly make government legitimate?
  3. Do we need both terms – government and The State – to fully make sense of the world?
  4. You can use this Lever to twist brains – maybe even your own. This “brain-twisting” may be the first step on a path to enlightenment.
  5. Clear labels are necessary for clear thinking.
  6. Why there are no liberals, conservatives, socialists, or progressives.

Which one of these Levers was the freshest or most useful to you? Leave a comment below. We’ve numbered the items above for your commenting convenience.

Then, share your favorite Lever with others.

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

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  1. I was most “affirmative” with No.6 because I have long believed in clear, distinctive labels and the unifying noun “statist” captures what is anti-libertarian/voluntary about those “left” and “right” political “feelings” (never clearly defined anyway).
    At best one could use “conservative” as an adjective for “Socialist” or for “Libertarian” to identify non-radicals in each group. “Liberal” is a label only to be applied to 19th century British politicians, and a few intellectuals around the world who agreed with them. Few Americans since Grover Cleveland have qualified.

    The distinction between [legitimate] government and Statism is very important, since it clears away the “noise” surrounding “anarchism” and other utopian ideals of a society without authoritarians.

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