Libertariandom’s biggest strategic blind spot

April 30, 2018
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Many libertarians have a blind spot. They spend hours discussing social and political change…

  • Some focus on the messaging — how we sell our views.
  • Others focus on the targeting — to whom we sell our vision.
  • Still others debate outreach — whether federal or local level.
  • Then there’s the argument over tactics — local activism, nullification, lobbying, think tanks, or elections.

That’s not a complete list, and libertarians never reach a consensus about any of these topics. Libertarians even bemoan all this division. Here, at the Zero Aggression Project (as well as at our sister organization, Downsize DC), we routinely hear from people who wish there was more coordination and cooperation between libertarian groups.

But what if I told you that the purveyors of these “strategies” are focusing on things that are quite secondary?

I’m not being presumptuous. The strategic insight and goal I’m about to share with you would, literally, make all of these tactics work, in the same way a rising tide lifts all ships.

Our new strategy Mental Lever will shed light on the libertarian blind spot, and do so in such an efficient simple way that you can easily share it with others.

Our Mental Levers are divided into “collections,” so that they’re easier to find by topic. There are now 85 published Mental Levers, and most of them explain libertarianism and libertarian-thinking in just a few words. But…

One collection is really for our tribe. That is the Voluntaryist Strategies & Tactics collection.

And I tell you, I think this 257-word mini-article summarizes the most important yet most unseen insight in our entire movement. It answers the question…

Why do statist ideas defeat libertarian ideas in the political arena?

CLICK THAT LINK to learn about the strategic objective of Visibility Parity and the goal it creates called Operation Everywhere. And then…

If this attracts you, if this kind of thinking excites you, I want you to help. And I’m going to tell you the thing that’s holding us back. You won’t be surprised by this.

It’s the funding necessary to fulfill this vision.

We are rebuilding tools, things for which many of you have seen prototypes. Each has been enhanced or drastically improved. These tools will complement our Mental Levers mini-articles. But more importantly…

They will help us implement Operation Everywhere, as described in today’s new Mental Lever.

We require help from insightful people who get it. Most of “libertariandom” is debating the rearrangement of tactics. If you’re uniquely wise enough to read this Mental Lever and “get it,” then…

We need your support.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do… Donate today!

We especially need monthly pledgers, right now. We have pledgers ranging from $2 to $173 per month. There’s likely a level that’s right for you.

But generous one-time contributions are needed to meet this month’s and next month’s programming bills. That way, we can show you these refreshed “Operation Everywhere” tools by June!

Most people reading this message could give $50. If you have it in your power to give $200, $500, or more, let me tell you… “NOW is the time!”

But maybe you CANNOT give THIS WEEK, even an amount like $5 or $15 dollars. Then, please take these three steps…

STEP ONE: I want you to send an email to Perry Willis and I will both see your message, and we’ll be encouraged by it.
STEP TWO: In that email, please tell us the month or date, this year, that you can contribute and how much you intend to give at that time.
STEP THREE: Our office manager, Kandy, will reach out to you with a reminder when the time comes.

Visibility Parity & Operation Everywhere won’t be free. But with them, a flourishing of tactics become possible, and the voluntaryist movement bears fruit in our lifetime.

Not everyone will “get it.” If you do, we need you now. Thank you for being an “early adopter” with your support,

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

P.S. Remember, your contribution is tax-deductible. And we’ll send you a bumper sticker for the Zero Aggression Project, so you can do a bit more to assist with Visibility Parity. You can see this sticker on our secure contribution form.


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