Why even Democrats need to hate business taxes

April 23, 2018
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Ignorance and envy are the only reasons people support business taxes Retweet

“Can you believe Big Bad Corporation X didn’t pay any taxes last year? What an outrage!”

Have you heard someone say something like that? Then, you’ll want to keep this Mental Lever handy to share with friends or for online discussions.

In this new 234-word, mini-article we describe how there’s both a myth and an irony in the concept of business taxes.

The myth?

Politicians are tricking you, on purpose, to get more power. They don’t really want you to know who actually gets the bill. [Hint: It’s not the business that pays.]

Business taxes prey on a negative human trait — envy.

The irony?

Corporate taxes enjoy widespread support, and so-called progressives are the most prone to endorse corporate tax increases. But business taxes are actually “regressive.” That is, these taxes are cruelest to the people “progressives” claim to care the most about — the poor.

Check it out for yourself (remember, it’s only 234 words)…

Why should you oppose all business taxes?
Companies never pay taxes, consumers do

Then bookmark it. Keep this mini-article handy for the future. That’s what Mental Levers are for. These FREE tools are better than lending a long book that will never be read.

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Corporate taxes are not transparent. After reading this Mental Lever, people will know who actually pays that bill. They might shrink into denial. But the overwhelmingly “common sense,” logical truth about business taxes will be there, in their mind, causing cognitive dissonance.

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