Is this the best short introduction to libertarianism ever?

What do you think of this intro to libertarianism?

We first published “A new worldview in ten questions and answers” on October 25, 2016. It got rave reviews. People said…

  • It’s brilliant, concise, and on target.
  • Great stuff! About as succinct as can be, too.
  • Thinking about sending this to politicians.

I believe this piece by Perry Willis is one of the best, short explanations of libertarian thought ever written.

I also think it presents our ideas in a way that even libertarians will find startling. Yes, you can actually astonish your libertarian friends with it!

But sometimes even great things can be improved. Perry recently revised the presentation to be even more clear and cover more ground.

We hope you’ll agree that this article deserves a wider audience. It answers questions like…

What is government?
What do libertarians want?
Why would the voluntaryist approach work better?
What if voluntary funding doesn’t provide enough money?

See these and other questions answered…

A new worldview in 10 Q&A

ZAP the State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

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