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August 10, 2017
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A new “Conscience Builder” tool for the #voluntaryist #libertarian movement. Retweet

In this plans & progress report…

  • What’s a Conscience Builder? Can you be one? Should you want to be?
  • How you can benefit from multiple approaches to the Nolan Chart

Libertarians lack a master plan for society. That’s because…

Master plans require masters.

Other ideologues fight to be your master. But the libertarian makes an exclusive offer…

I won’t coerce you to do things my way, I’ll try to persuade you instead.

…or the pithy version: Persuasion instead of aggression.

That’s the “libertarian USP” (unique sales proposition). You determine your USP by asking, “What do we do better than everyone else?” And the answer is…

A libertarian uses persuasion while everyone else advocates political violence.

Most people are unaware of their illicit desire to master their neighbors. People resist the suggestion. It’s uncomfortable to their conscience. That’s why we need to be…

Conscience Builders

We want to give you new tools designed to cause Conscience Building, and we’re starting in a familiar place.

Most libertarians recognize the Nolan Chart. This baseball-diamond graph shows that there’s more to political philosophy than Left vs Right.

The chart was invented by David Nolan. It’s been used in libertarian outreach since the early-1970s. People plot their place on the chart by answering questions about various issues. The Advocates for Self-Government gave us a very popular version with their World’s Smallest Political Quiz. We love their tool! But could other versions reach other minds in new ways? We think so. We need to experiment. That’s why we’re creating…

The Political Conscience Test

This is a new Nolan Chart survey. It will ask fresh questions that will be…

  • Based on the persuasion vs. aggression USP. How much aggression is a person willing to use against their neighbors on each issue?
  • Current, dealing with 21st Century concerns.
  • Powerful, by including questions that are crucial to how people define themselves.
  • Tension-paired. We’ll explain this in an upcoming message.

Plus, we’ll use new answering methods:

  • Percentage-based responses: People can estimate how much they want politicians to intervene. We’ll provide 11 different options, ranging from 0 to 100%. This wide range of choices will give us valuable analytics.
  • Future improvements will allow us to measure how people change their answers over time. Even someone who goes from 70% to 50% is positive movement for us.

The combination of tension-paired questions and finely-graded answers will render results that better match each test-taker’s personal self-evaluation. And the more people trust the test the more likely they are to share it with others.

The Political Conscience Test should provoke discussions, the kind that Conscience Builders should want to have — and not just one conversation, but millions of them. More importantly…

The Political Conscience test will help find and recruit libertarians!

A generous patron has already invested $10,000 to create the Political Conscience Test. So we only need $6,500 more to finish it!

Get your name listed on the Conscience Builder’s roster on the Political Conscience Test.

For the month of August — or less, if we achieve our goal faster — every contributor or pledger will be

  • Recognized in these Zero Aggression newsletter messages.
  • Remembered, permanently, on the About Us page of the Political Conscience Test site as a “Conscience Builder.”

Conscience Builders will be listed in rank order, based on the size of their contribution. The larger your contribution, the higher your list-position. However, the minimum is $1, so everyone who gives is on the list. [Note: There’s a checkbox on the bottom of the contribution form if you do NOT want your name listed publicly.]

And if you’re an existing or new pledger, we’ll multiply your pledge for ranking purposes. That is, we’ll take the size of your August pledge and multiply by 10. So, our average $15/month pledge attains the list-standing of a $150 donor!

Remember, contributions to the Downsize DC Foundation, the parent organization of the Zero Aggression Project, are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE if you itemize. And one more thing…

As soon as we reach our modest goal, we’re done — even if there are weeks or days to go in August. So you don’t want to wait. Someone, on this list, can make the list of Conscience Builders quite short, with their name at or near the top, with a tax-deductible contribution at or approaching $6,500.

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project
An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

P.S. In our next message, we’ll show you the Questions we’re creating for the Political Conscience Test. Maybe you’re waiting to see those before you give. If so, please be sure to open that message. But remember, it’s possible the Conscience Builders list could be closed by then!


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