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What do we call ourselves, here at the Zero Aggression Project?
According to the most recent Pew Polling, 27% of Americans are (small-l) libertarians. As we describe in our Mental Levers, libertarians want to reduce the amount of initiated force used to address social problems. They want to “Downsize DC,” to coin a phrase.
Voluntaryists are libertarians who remove the remaining exceptions. They believe that, as today’s Mental Lever suggests, “all relationships should be voluntarily chosen and mutually maintained.”

  • But what comes next for voluntaryists?
  • How do we handle matters of government without initiated force?

At the Zero Aggression Project, we believe it’s important to have an answer. So…
We offer a “post-statist” vision. To be a post-statist means that we want The State replaced with consumer controlled governance.
So, you might even say we have a “taxonomy,”

Libertarian > Voluntaryist > Post-statist

The reception we’ve received for the Post-statist label has been remarkably positive. In today’s Mental Lever, we put forth a thorough definition of it.
What is a post-statist?
By Jim Babka & Perry Willis
We’re looking to build a “libertarian society.” The first stage of our plan is to locate 100,000 libertarians to help us spread the Zero Aggression message to a much wider audience. In our most recent count, the new Zero Aggression Project has 1,871 (+111) engaging with this material. You can help increase this number and have a large marginal impact in this launching stage simply by…

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