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The Zero Aggression Project introduces Mental Levers – one-stop shopping for questions about libertarianism #tlot   Retweet this  –  Link & Share on Facebook
The Zero Aggression Project has added a major tool to its website — Mental Levers.
These short articles answer questions about libertarianism. And you can read them for yourself, right now:
We call them “levers,” because levers are tools that allow you to accomplish more work with less effort.
Libertarians use ideas in exactly this way — as levers. We have dozens of facts, principles, and examples that we use repeatedly, on a wide range of issues.
Mental Levers allow libertarians to think better with less effort. As a libertarian, you don’t have to analyze each new issue from scratch or think about things randomly. This kind of “leveraged thinking” is a key part of the libertarian approach. It needed to be codified on the internet, in an easy to use format.
In the past, if you wanted to tell people what libertarians believe, you had to give them a book, right? Or if someone had a specific question, maybe you sent them to a long policy study. The new Mental Levers tool will make things much easier for you. And we’ve tried to make it simpler for you to find the Lever you need…

  • The Mental Levers are titled with questions. Just match the question you get, and we’ll give you the answer!
  • Our sub-title gives a summary of the answer using keywords, making it easier to search for just the right Lever.
  • When possible, we give the Mental Lever a specific name, such as the Zero Aggression Principle, the Golden Rule, or the Nuremberg Principle. Just remember the name of your favorite Levers.

But the benefits don’t end there! Everyone suffers from information overload in this internet age. So we’ve made a special effort to make each Mental Lever short and punchy. We think this is a powerful tool that will only get better as we add more Levers. We have 38 in place to begin.
We hope tens-of-thousands of libertarians will use these Mental Levers the same way we use them. When someone wants to know what libertarians believe, and why, we send them to our Mental Levers. When a specific question gets asked during an internet discussion, we link to the Lever that deals with that question. This saves us from constantly having to draft new replies to questions that have already been answered by one of our Mental Levers.
The Mental Levers are the latest in a growing suite of libertarian educational tools provided by the Zero Aggression Project. In early June, we unveiled polling software that registers how people respond to libertarian arguments. This program measures whether people are moving toward or away from the libertarian position.
The Zero Aggression Project aims to bring knowledge of the Zero Aggression Principle to every person on planet Earth. The Principle says…

Don’t threaten or initiate force or ask politicians to do it for you.

This idea has long been the moral foundation of the libertarian philosophy. It’s also a perfect example of a Mental Lever.
You can find the Mental Levers here:
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Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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