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How to respond when told you’re “Utopian”

Are libertarians Utopians? How to respond when told you’re “Utopian” Retweet

Tell people they should live without aggressing against others and they’ll probably agree. Tell them that politicians should do the same and they may accuse you of being Utopian. How can you counter this charge? Start here…

Ask them what they mean by Utopian. One of two answers is likely…

  1. A perfect society
  2. An unattainable society

If they give you the second answer, ask them to describe why the society is unattainable. You’ll probably get a laundry list of reasons, each of which could make for an interesting discussion. However…

If they give you the linguistically correct answer, that the term “Utopian” describes a perfect society, a more focused and useful discussion can follow. You can and should…

  • List all the ways in which a Zero Aggression society will NOT be perfect
  • List all the ways in which a Zero Aggression society would be BETTER than the statist society we have now.

Today’s Mental Lever does both things, but in less than 170 words! Check it out…

Is a libertarian society Utopian?
By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

We’re looking to build a “libertarian society.” The first stage of our plan is to locate 100,000 libertarians to help us spread the Zero Aggression message to a much wider audience. In our most recent count, the new Zero Aggression Project has 1,543 engaging with this material. You can help increase this number and have a large marginal impact in this launching stage simply by…

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  2. Forward this email to two friends who are libertarians or libertarian-leaning, encouraging them to join you in subscribing. Literally, ask them to sign-up! Asking is that important!

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  1. Here’s what we need: A page listing questions/charges typically posed to libertarians and links to answers to questions and responses debunking charges.

  2. Actually, we are Utopians. But so are liberals, conservatives, progressives, socialists, Nazis, and any other followers of ANY political philosophy.

    They all believe that if everyone would just be a good little adherent to (insert name of)ism, then everything would be just peachy.

    The difference is, Libertarians want people to seek that perfect world by living their lives the way they choose as long as they don’t harm or defraud anyone.

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