The only thing left-statists (kind of) know about economics

There’s one thing left-statists learned in economics. But does it justify statism? Retweet
Libertarians tend to feel that left-statists know very little about economics, and understand even less. But there’s one economic concept that left-statists mention constantly…
Yes, that’s a funny word. It’s a bit of abstract economic jargon seemingly designed to stun and confuse. We suspect that’s part of why statists love it so much. They use it to “blind people with supposed science.” But…
An externality is really a fairly simple thing. It’s either a benefit received without having to pay for it, or costs paid that you didn’t willingly incur. The former is labeled a positive externality, the latter a negative externality.
The concept of externalities sometimes seems to be the only economic idea left-statist know, and they use it to justify massive amounts of State violence. So…
Are the statists right? Do externalities justify initiated force? Our latest Mental Lever answers this question, and shows why “The State is the ultimate externality.” Check it out…
Do externalities justify initiated force?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
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