What are the EXCEPTIONS to the Zero Aggression Principle?

Can we show that exceptions to the Zero Aggression Principle are wrong? Retweet
People have a hard time being consistent in their principles…
On the one hand, almost everyone lives by the Zero Aggression Principle in their daily lives. That is, they don’t run around harming others to get what they want.
On the other hand, nearly everyone makes exceptions to the ZAP when it comes to politics and The State.
Can we show that these exceptions are wrong? We’re introducing several Mental Levers which address exceptions. We start today with a very simple, logical point made in just 133 words. Check it out…
Are there exceptions to the Zero Aggression Principle?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
We’re looking to build a “libertarian society.” The first stage of our plan is to locate 100,000 libertarians to help us spread the Zero Aggression message to a much wider audience. In our most recent count, the new Zero Aggression Project has 1,972 (+29) engaging with this material. You can help increase this number and have a large marginal impact in this launching stage simply by…

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