Jim Babka supports freeloading communist punks

Can Jim Babka find something good about Biden’s student loan forgiveness? 

You’ve got to hand it to the guy – Jim, that is, not Joe. Jim is always willing to stick his neck out on a limb and saw it off behind him.

Yes, I probably did mix some metaphors there, but you’ll have to forgive me, I attended tax-funded schools. The point is…

Some of us think the main purpose of student loans is to let communist professors teach their communist preversions to proto-communist punks. But Jim has other thoughts. He thinks he can actually concoct a scheme in which student loan forgiveness makes sense. And Bill Protzmann is on hand again to help him attempt that in Gracearchy episode 14.

Tune in to see if Babka floats like a witch, or goes down with the bandwagon!

And that’s not all…

Jim will also describe all the ways Joe Biden got it wrong. For instance, who does the bailout really benefit? It may turn out that the economic fate of former students is a secondary or tertiary concern. (If you don’t know what tertiary means, take out a student loan and get an education).

Jim will also compare the value of formal education versus informal ignorance. Or something like that. See if you can figure out what he’s saying…

Student Loan Jubilee

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