Putting a Prophet to the Test

September 2, 2022
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Do true principles foster accurate predictions?

Can such predictions be phrased as questions to make someone really think?

I think the answer to both questions is yes. Jim Babka did precisely this in a Facebook comment two years ago.

It’s August 2020 and someone asked Jim how libertarians would deal with the pandemic.

He answered using ten questions.

In Gracearchy, episode 15, Jim Babka and Bill Protzmann review those two-year-old questions to see if they now seem prophetic or foolish. Join them for the ride. They will cover the following subjects…

  • Who has the knowledge?
  • Why government mistakes are worse than mass ignorance
  • Specific examples of centralized error and decentralized success
  • Science versus politics
  • Special interest exploitation and the collective action problem
  • Rational apathy

And more! Good principles really can lead to good predictions. Indeed, Jim’s questions let anyone who hears them, connect the dots for themselves. Tune in!

Pandemic Prophecies Tested

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