Can you connect these 10 dots?

March 23, 2023
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Have you wondered what we might do to protect American soldiers from misuse by politicians?

I have. The lives of young troops were a major motive for my series covering the history of U.S. military intervention (now collected at

Jim Babka begins to connect some of the dots in the latest episode of Gracearchy. The places he goes may surprise you. In fact…

Somehow, he connects all of these topics…

  1. Colin Kaepernick’s and Tim Tebow’s knees
  2. Ceremonial deism
  3. Politicizing sports
  4. The military and sports
  5. The U.S. Constitution versus military parades in other countries
  6. Dead soldiers and cops
  7. Dead black people
  8. The Gulf of Tonkin and the Truth About War
  9. Drug prohibition and the destruction of the black family
  10. Political correctness on both the Left and Right

Can the connections between these issues help us to protect future American lives, while also having more grace in our public discourse? Learn the answers on the latest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

P.S. Previous episode, in case you missed it: The Constitution Is A Multicultural Document


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