Jo Jorgensen announces her 2024 plans

February 27, 2023
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Jo Jorgensen reveals her 2024 plans and a campaign secret from the 2020 campaign.

What does it look like inside the mind of a person who wins a party nomination and goes on to run for President? What makes them tick?

Of course, we might be scared to learn, if we were talking about the typical authoritarian and statist candidate. But what if this person was motivated by something that was not about their own personal glorification?

Jo Jorgensen joined us for our most recent episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President in 1996 and for President in 2020. She’s leveraged her last campaign to help build People for Liberty and Home for Liberty, where she serves as Chair of the Board (Note: I’m on those boards with her).

This discussion is wide-ranging, and Jo is charming. Indeed, the conversation is so wide-ranging that it gets way past the soundbites that a candidate typically deploys. This is a chance to get to know Jo, in a more human way.

It’s been said that a person’s strongest character trait is also their weakest. Jo not only reveals that trait in her life, but also analyzes with it good humor.

Perhaps for the first time ever, Jo reveals which one of the two major party campaigns was in talks with Jo’s campaign about a televised debate, and how close it came to happening.

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