Is this more of the same?

School shootings. Market massacres. You’ve heard the tired debates – both sides saying the same things, repeatedly. And does either side ever get to the root of the problem?

I started a podcast: Gracearchy with Jim Babka

What’s with the name?

Grace is the extra favor that empathetically reaches beyond tolerance and forgiveness, to understand and help those around us who need it.

The suffix -archy means ruler or government. You’ve heard of monarchy, rule by a king, or anarchy, no ruler. This is gracearchy — government by grace.

My first episode is about the gun debate.

Bill Protzmann is my show host. He and I were determined to go deeper, to drive towards the root of the problem.

The early reviews are in, and they say we did just that!

“Off to a fine start. The pacing just right. Not too short or too long. Your voice and message come through loud and clear.”

“It was a thing of perfection. I thought I was going to have quibbles, but you fixed one of them toward the end, bringing the gracearchy concept back in a strong way. Great content, great delivery, perfect length.”

Right now, the show is only on YouTube – on the AHO Radio Network.

And YouTube is a great place to start. You can see us when you screencast or use the app on your television. You can listen in the car or on a walk on your phone.

But we intend to put it on more podcasting platforms, soon like… Apple, Google, Podbean, and Stitcher.

To do that, the Zero Aggression Project needs merely $30 per month in new or increased monthly pledges.

One-time donations help, as well. They’re tax-deductible if you itemize. We issue receipts in January for all donations totaling $5 or more.

Pledge or Donate

Please check out my new show Gracearchy, and share it with potentially interested friends.

ZAP the State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

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  1. I absolutely agree: To help people who are in pain, isolated, bullied, depressed, …
    Someone needs to know them, to recognize this, and know how to respond in a
    way that is helpful. I have been thinking that programs that help students and neighbors be known, be ‘seen’.; have to be part of the mass shooting & suicide solution.
    This prevention needs to start years before a person becomes violent to others and themselves.

    1. I agree with you. This was very well done! Empathy for those you may disagree with needs to be caught from those who are educating as well, Both the bullied and the bullies need to see different approaches to their problems, and the lack of empathy for those students who disagree on political issues is making the problem worse..

  2. In a world that is so merit based, this is a difficult concept to explain adequately. To do it without bringing in theology is exponentially more difficult. You have made a practically impossible task seem easy- (and all while tactfully avoiding Noah Webster’s first definition of grace- Which relates to the atonement of Christ)

    I’m Impressed!

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