CNN vs He Gets Us

Must everything be about political tribalism? 

On this episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka, we review an advertising campaign called “He Gets Us.” We deconstruct CNN’s take on this $100 million advertising campaign.

You might’ve seen their commercials on TV. There were two of them during the Super Bowl.

These ads are about Jesus. But at the hub of the Conflict Machine, lives a squeaky gear called CNN. Like the man with a hammer who sees nails everywhere and is ready to pound them, CNN is convinced they see another political movement. Does their evidence match up?

Well, that’s not the most interesting part…

The political tribes and the regime media both insist we must join them in condemning those who disagree. Those who don’t agree with us must be relegated to enemy status.

And if we don’t join in the virtual stoning, then we should be virtually stoned.

So, if you tune in, you might well feel tempted to stone us, because… 

In this episode, we stand up for people on all sides, while pointing out CNN’s contribution to the stoning.

Frankly, I’m interested in knowing who will want to punish and maybe even destroy me. In this episode, we’re providing plenty of targets as Bill and I discuss Jesus, abortion, conservatives, gay and transexual issues, the unwoke, and more.

Defending those who are judged is part of what Jesus had in mind as he instructed, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

Grace is empathy and favor for someone who has said or done something we don’t like.

I believe this is important to you, Zero Aggression subscriber, because…

The two major tribes in our disputes are empowered by this desire to destroy their opponents, or at least to scapegoat them for any present trouble.

On the other hand, our post-statist approach is empowered by acts of peace, such as tolerance and understanding.

Our drive for a voluntaryist society seems to require grace instead of more political conflict.

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