Don’t let this message anger you

January 11, 2016

NOTICE: You can let this message anger you or make you think. Please consider it with an open mind.

Can we fix “the government” by getting back to the Constitution? Re-tweet

We’ve noticed that people assume the Constitution can control The State. But can it? We have a 200-word mini-article that…

  1. Explodes this idea
  2. Shows what the Constitution’s real remaining value is

In fact, we love one part of the Constitution, in particular.

This mini-article is another in our on-going series of Mental Levers — short, high-powered concepts you can share with others to explain the libertarian philosophy in bite-size chunks. Here’s the strategic idea behind this approach…

  • To create the kind of world you want more people must agree with you.
  • For more people to agree with you, more people must know what you know.
  • For more people to know what you know, you must share ideas with them.
  • Short explanations are more likely to be absorbed and remembered.

This is the strategy behind our Mental Levers. In the case of today’s lever, you’re bound to encounter the claim that everything would be okay, if we got back to the Constitution. Is that true? And if not, how can you counter the claim? Take a look at how our Mental Lever addresses this issue…

Can The State be controlled?
By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

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