The Statist Mind: Freedom requires slavery

October 30, 2013
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Statists think of freedom in a contradictory way. For instance, they say things like this…

“People should be free from want.”

To the Statist mind this means that if some are hungry then others must be forced to feed them.
The end sought is noble, but look at the means…

Some people must lose their freedom to choose so that others can be free from want.

I too want to see everyone fed. I’m eager to help finance efficient means for achieving this, but I do not consider The State to be efficient. This does not matter to the Statists, who maintain that I must be compelled to comply with their way of doing things, against my will.
The Statist insists on dictating…

  • Who shall receive aidSelfishness and Greed
  • How much I personally will contribute
  • And how the aid will be delivered

In other words…

The Statist wants to enslave me for however long I must work to fund his monopolistic approach to achieving our mutual goal.

We both want everyone to be free from serious deprivation, but only the Statist is willing to enslave people to achieve this.
Statists and StatismStatists sometimes pursue worthy goals, but the means they choose are vile and contradictory. The Statist destroys the most fundamental kind of freedom in the name of a lesser kind. To the befuddled Statist mind, freedom requires slavery.
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