Can you tolerate our latest heresy?

June 15, 2015
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NOTE: If, on Saturday, you tried to use our new Social Security campaign but got an error instead, please try again.  
Many libertarians argue for abolishing things like the FDA and Social Security. This naturally meets with resistance from people who feel they personally benefit from such programs. Here at the Zero Aggression Project we take a different approach.
Try this heresy on for size…

Almost nothing The State does needs to be abolished.

What? How could any libertarian say that? Here’s how…
What matters is the initiation of force. Remove that, and most programs could continue as long as they can find willing VOLUNTARY funders and participants. In other words…

  • Those who only want to use only FDA-approved substances should be free to do that, and pay those testing services.
  • But those who want to opt out of the FDA should be able to do so, and opt out of paying the cost too.


  • Those who want to remain in Social Security, should be free to do so, and should continue making payments into the system.
  • But those who want to opt out should be free to do so, forgoing both the cost and the benefits.

Do you think this approach might meet with more supporters and less resistance?
You can register your own opinion by answering this question…
Do you think participation in Social Security should be mandatory?
Click on the link. Use the slider the answer the question. While you’re there, please sign one of the petitions about voluntary Social Security — Support or Oppose.
This is new software. If you tried to do this Saturday, but encountered an error message, our programmer fixed it. Please try again.
We’ll report back soon on the results, and a NEW way to change the world.
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project


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