Social Security Panel 5

5. What if you had to personally force people to participate in Social Security?

Let’s say Diane refuses to pay Social Security taxes. Usually, you don’t have to think about this next part… Men and women with guns will arrive to arrest her. If she doesn’t comply with the arrest, they could end up killing her. That’s how law enforcement actually works. But here are the questions we want you to dwell on, right in the pit of your stomach…

Would you be willing to go arrest Diane? Would you be willing to kill her if she resists arrest?  How would you feel if you were the person charged with enforcement? Use the slider below to show how much aggression or persuasion you’re personally willing to apply when it comes to Social Security.

Need help understanding the slider?
Pick 0% if you want to address the need for retirement income using only peaceful persuasion and voluntary cooperation.
Pick 10 or 20% if you want a tax-funded safety net focused only on seniors in dire need.
Pick 30 or 40% if you want a dragnet plan (like Social Security) that includes both the rich and poor.
Pick 50 or 60% if you want to increase taxes to keep Social Security solvent.
Pick 70 or 80% if you want to control how people invest their savings.
Pick 90 or 100% if you want The State to control all savings, investment, and retirement income.


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