Compulsory Military Service Panel 5

5. What if you had to personally force people to serve in the military?

John Dove doesn’t report for the draft. Jane Doe resigns and walks away from her service. You’re charged with tracking them down. How do you feel about that?

When you find John and Jane they both resist arrest. How far will you escalate the violence in order to subdue them? Are you willing to kill them to gain their submission?

The compulsory service laws can’t be enforced if someone isn’t willing to kill. It’s easy to ignore this fact, when you don’t have to do the enforcement yourself. But now, having imagined yourself in the enforcement role, which tool do you prefer for recruiting people to military service – more persuasion or even greater aggression? Use the slider to register your view.

Need help understanding the slider?
Pick 0% if you think military service should always be voluntary, including allowing soldiers to resign (just like other jobs). This means that a military force would need to be recruited and retained using persuasion.
Pick 10 or 20% if you want soldiers to be unable to quit in time of war. This means you’ll use some aggression to retain soldiers during war, but otherwise you want to use persuasion.
Pick 30 or 40% if you believe soldiers must honor their full enlistment commitment at all times.
Pick 50 or 60% if you want to draft people for military service during foreign wars.
Pick 70 or 80% if you support reinstituting the draft as part of a “national service” requirement.
Pick 90 or 100% if you want draft resisters and deserters imprisoned, or even shot.


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